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I love to work with singer/songwriters.  Sometimes I run into a singer who isn't a songwriter and who wants to find some original songs to record.  Sometimes I encounter a songwriter who isn't a singer, but who wants his or her songs to be recorded.  Then I have some singer/songwriters who do record their songs, but are also open to having them recorded by other artists as well.  So I thought I'd set up this page to help connect such people!


Scroll down to see available songs in each genre.  This is a work in progress.  New songs will be added as I find them, but you can also email me if you have a specific kind of song in mind.  These are all songs which have not been picked up by any major artist at this time.  Lyrics are provided either in the YouTube description or comments or from a link on this web page.  Chord charts can be made available.


All songs are copyrighted by their respective owners, and any song recorded or digitally distributed must list them as 100% writers.  Artists will also need to obtain permission from the songwriters' publishing companies.


Email me if you find a song you want to record, or if you have a song you think might fit well on this web site. 


Ben Travis 

Owner, Two Cats Music



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 "No Shave November" by Holly Nicole Combs is a great song for a female country artist who has some attitude and can really belt the notes out.  Click here for lyrics.


"Whiskey Into Whine" by Woodrow Robinson is a medium-paced country song with a clever hook.  Click here for lyrics.


"The Drifter" by Carl Junior Milam is a nice country song with an outlaw vibe.  Click here for lyrics.


"Struggle" by Carl Junior Milam is a slow country waltz that tells the story of people who struggle with addiction.  Click here for lyrics.





"Home" by Kevin Milner is an inspiring song that would be right for a male or female.  Click here for lyrics.


"One Last Chance" by Jeff Alldredge could be a great song for a male artist.  Click here for lyrics.


"Back There" by Woodrow Robinson is a nice, quiet song that will bring back memories for many.  Click here for lyrics.


"Ireland" by Kevin Milner tells a beautiful story.   It would be a nice fit for a male or female folk/Americana artist.  Click here for lyrics.



"Tupelo" is a more upbeat song by Jeff Alldredge.  Jeff has a very poetic writing style.  Click here for lyrics.