(click on artists' names to hear songs they recorded at Two Cats Music)     


“Me and Ben had talked for several months about cutting my first single and it was one of the best decisions I ever made. From the instant we met I knew he was serious about his work. I played my song for him and he already knew what I had in mind for my sound. Ben is passionate about working with the artists and sure spent a lot of hard hours making sure we was both satisfied with our finished product. You can tell his love for producing is sincere. It’s not a matter of If I will ever work with Ben at Two Cats Music again, it’s just a matter of time. I highly recommend him for ANY artist wanting to chase the dream!”   -Tim Rhodes

 [Tim recently finished an entire album at Two Cats Music that is now available in CD form and on iTunes and other digital distribution services!]


“I spent Spring Break 2019 laying down some fresh tracks with Ben at Two Cats Music.  I have been playing these songs for my local scene back in Arkansas.  He adapted to my style immediately and really embraced my music.  I can’t wait to get back to Nashville and spend some more time with this guy… Space Pirates now has the Space Pirate sound it has been looking for!!  Thanks Ben!!”   -Justin Collier



"What a great experience!!! Not only was the studio very professional in its setup, but Ben made everything very fun and enjoyable while maintaining the professionalism and seriousness the music and work needed. Two Cats Studio is first class all the way, not only in studio quality but with their overall approach to artist comfortability as well. There is no other studio I will bring my music to! Two Cats is my new home!! "  -Travis Humphrey   




“Ben Travis is one of a kind! He is so talented when it comes to his work. Before working with Ben, I had a very clear vision for my songs. It was almost as if I didn't even need to explain my thoughts, he already knew! When I heard the finished product, I was completely in awe. Ben knew the sound I was looking for and made my dream for the songs a reality! This was my first time recording, so obviously I was a little nervous beforehand. As soon as I met Ben for the first time, I felt so welcome in his studio. He has a wonderful personality and is just a wonderful person. So, to you, Ben, thank you for working so hard to make my songs perfect! It was definitely an experience I will never forget!” -Tori Bullock


"Ben is so relaxed and easy to work with.  His personality towards the artist is so inviting.  I like how he was open to my ideas as an artist and didn't try to change me or my craft.    I felt he understand where I was going with my songs and he gave me the tools I needed to get them polished and ready for a record.  The end product was better than I imagined!  His studio gave me a professional sounding EP that I was proud to put on the market and share with record labels and other artists.  I would highly recommend Ben Travis for your next project.  I'm in the process of completing my second EP with him.  He just knows how to make you feel comfortable while recording.  After you finish your first single you'll hear the quality of his equipment and song production ability."     -Garrett Baker


“Being a musician, you occasionally get contacted by producers.  You never know who to trust.  I made sure I did my research, and I really liked the work Ben had on his website.  I decided to go to Ben Travis at Two Cats Music.  I feel like that is the best decision I have ever made.  Ben Travis is not only a very talented musician and producer, but he is also one of the best people I have met.  My time working with him, staying at his studio, and listening to the finished product was an experience I will treasure for all my life. Working with Ben was the most amazing experience I have had as a musician.  He knew my music before I even arrived, and he had a plan of where to go with it.  His plan was better than I could ever imagine.  He added in cello, percussion, piano, organ, and bass, but he also combined small subtle things like whistling and shakers that made a huge impact.   It is almost like he has some form of musical ESP.  I couldn't stop smiling when I heard his plan.  He makes you feel so at comfortable, and he is so kind, modest, and trustworthy.  He did so much for me that I feel like he undercharged me for all of the work that he put into my songs. When he finished my songs, I cried because they were so beautiful.  He knew how much they meant to me and took care of them.  I know I was not just someone to come in and record, but I was someone with a message that I wanted to get across to people through music.  I will be grateful to Ben for all he has done for me and my songs always.”     

-Holly Nicole Cothran     


“Ben has been incredible throughout the entire process. He is unbelievably talented and has a gift for helping artists create their sound. I met Ben by chance, and rolled the dice to drive up to Nashville to meet him. I can honestly say that it was beyond worth it. Thanks to Ben and Two Cats Music, I have been able to release my first single on iTunes and Google Play. It doesn't matter if you are new to playing music or a veteran, Two Cats Music is the place to go!!”

 -Cameron Allen Tabor


"I loved working with Ben. He was laid back, but knowledgeable and genuinely enthusiastic about working with me on my song. His genuine nature is refreshing and inspirational. He provided great ideas and has a versatility in his musical talents that is so valuable. He also provides the finished product quickly. Can't wait to work with him again!"   -Cyndi Washburn    


“Working with Ben to get a jingle recorded for my company was a fantastic experience! He was fun, professional and knew exactly what I wanted. Two Cats Music far exceeded my expectations and I will certainly recommend them to my musician friends and fellow business owners.  #Amazing”      

-Ryan Kennedy, owner, “Total Trans4mation   


"Working with Ben Travis at Two Cats Music was like adding a member to our band. He instantly grasped our sound and vision. And worked tirelessly to capture the perfect product we were looking for! It was a natural, relaxing, yet inspiring atmosphere. We're looking forward to booking more time.” 

-Jonny Welch (DNNYNJNNY


“Ben was wonderful throughout and nothing was too much trouble for him. He was able to offer help and input at every stage. He really brought the song to life while remaining true to the original demo provided. Amazing service from the other side of the world. How lucky I was to stumble across such a fantastic producer. Ben kept to the agreed schedule, in fact finishing the job much sooner than I had anticipated. Excited to work with Ben again. Many thanks.”    -Alan Stewart   

[NOTE: Alan is from Zone 9 in England.  We have never met in person. He sent me a file of just his voice singing the song, and I added instrumentation and sent it back to him.  It was great working with someone across the pond!  -Ben]


“I’ve known Ben for quite a few years now from a project we did long ago.  Just recently reconnected with him and the timing couldn’t have been better!  I had just recently finished writing a new song, was eager to get it recorded and there’s Ben!  He is very laid back and I enjoy working with him.  He is open to what I’m looking for and his thoughts on what can be added instrument wise are awesome!  His talent and skill with the instruments he played really added so much more than I could have imagined!

With the tracks he recorded and the added licks from my good friend Bobby McKee, the end product is way beyond what I might have expected!  I enjoyed laying down my guitar tracks, vocal tracks and felt very comfortable in the studio talking with Ben about the vision for my song.  When all is said and done, you can’t go wrong recording at Ben’s place.  If you’re looking for a quality studio at a better price than most, call on Ben for your recording needs.”       -Ray Ligon


"When I get to work with Ben Travis at Two Cats Music, it is an absolute pleasure.  He is truly passionate about people and music.  Each time I have recorded in his studio, he has been so open to trying new things to get the absolute best out of me.  He is extremely talented and so much fun to work with.  I always leave the studio knowing Ben is devoted to my music and me as a singer. Aside from bragging on his work in the studio, I have to honestly admit he is one of the most selfless, caring people I have ever met.  Being able to say I have become friends with Ben Travis as he helps me grow as a singer has become one of the greatest benefits of working in his studio. Without a doubt, I would recommend Ben Travis to any other singer, songwriter, and musician who wants to record their music."     -Jalyn Cotton


“Working with Ben at Two Cats Music was a great experience. He knew exactly what we wanted to go for and had no problem getting us there. This was our first time meeting Ben and he greeted us like friends and we're very pleased with the final product and just the overall feel that we had working with him. If you're considering booking time with him, you won't be disappointed.”       -Justin Miller (Drigh)


 Working with Ben was incredible, he understood exactly what I wanted to do and executed the recording process perfectly.  I was more than pleased with every instrument Ben played during recording.  He knew exactly what I was trying to say, and translated that perfectly into the song.  The end product was way better than I ever would have hoped for.  I would absolutely recommend Ben to other singers, songwriters or musicians who want to record their music.  In fact, I bragged about Ben and his quality of recording, the first chance I got.” 

-Billy Ray Cunningham, Jr.



“I had the pleasure this week of recording at Ben Travis's studio, Two Cats Music, and hearing one of the cuts on the radio just a few days later. Ben really knows his stuff. The setting is comfortable, and he is really easy to work with. He made us sound as good as possible. I'm obviously very pleased and recommend my friends give him a try.”

-Stuart Bonnington


“Working with Ben Travis has been one of my greatest experiences I’ve ever had in the music industry. I wrote a song I really liked, and being a piano player I usually just write the background music myself. After months of trying to figure out the right sound, I was on the verge of giving up. I decided it was time to look for help when I came upon Ben Travis and his studio. I had tried for almost a year to figure out how I wanted my song to sound, and within a week Ben had created a backing track with multiple instruments that was better than I could have ever dreamed. Just by listening to me sing the song, he had created a back track that was not only beautiful, but it felt like he had gone into my brain and created what I had been struggling to. After that he told me he could finish the song with my voice, which I thought was impossible. I don’t have a mic, or a computer. I only have an iPhone 4! But after the masterpiece he had created, I trusted him and sent him a recording of me singing the song with his back track using my phone. He used that track and created a full song that sounded so professional! He turned my track into something that sounded like it came straight from a real studio. I couldn’t have asked for a better experience! Any little change I wanted made, he was able to do. Any mistake I made, he was able to fix. If you have a song that you want to turn into a single, I highly recommend working with Ben! You will NOT be disappointed.”   -Rachel Bolin   


"It was amazing to work with Ben!! It's not even working. It is doing what you love to do, with someone who enjoys music and producing. The experience is more than I could have imagined really!! This was my friend Alex and I's first time recording professionally, and we will have an EP out soon, thanks to Ben! 

Ben was great, but what he is best at, is seeing the potential in the artist and the music, and understands how to get what they hear in their head, out and about. That's a true gift!  The end product was 100% better than I imagined it to be. Ben understands how important it is to be a part of your music, so he can get in the right head space. Imagine recording with U2 in Dublin, or David Bowie in Berlin, and Ben somehow makes it sound just as great in his studio.  

Ben is not only a great producer, but a heck of a musician. It is almost a little intimidating, but he is very humble and knows exactly what to add and where to add it. If anyone reads my testimony, please give Ben the opportunity to work with you. He is a great guy all around and you are really gonna be star struck with how awesome the experience is, especially if it's your first studio experience. He is very down to earth and actually genuine."   -Joshua Alston  


"I've been writing songs of one kind or another for about 10 years now. When I heard that Ben Travis had put together a studio I knew I had to work with him on some recordings. You see, I've known been since we were kids and even all those years ago his passion for music was plain to see. Working with Ben on my latest song has shown me that his passion for quality in music has only grown over the years.

Ben takes a real interest in what you are looking for in your music. Over and over, he made sure that the feel, the tones, and the life that my song took on was what I was looking for. His chief concern was that my music was indeed my music and not his interpretation of what he thought it should be.  His knowledge of recording, sound, and his easy going attitude shined through in my experience in his studio. I will definitely be going back and will recommend Ben to anyone looking to make a professional sounding record. He's the real deal!"    -Richie Ford


"Ben was very professional and he put our ideas first. Anything that we were unhappy he was glad to go back and change it for us to make it just how we wanted it. He is open and full of ideas which you can use or decline. I can tell he has been around music for quite awhile as he can pick and choose certain notes on his piano or beats on his drum kit that can add to your song as whole. I was nervous at first but Ben really made the whole experience a relaxing and inviting situation. He knows and understands his software/ hardware and he knows his musical instruments. Everything Ben brings to the table, he brings it at an affordable price. 

I do feel that Ben not only grasped our idea, but he really brought it to life. I practice with a small, cheap amplifier so there’s not much that it can really do without pedals. But once I recorded my parts Ben made a few suggestions sound-wise. We scrolled through them and I found the sound that I had in my head from when the song was written that my amplifier just could not produce. I think the end product was better than I ever thought it could be. When you jam with your buddies it sounds all right, but add Ben and his skills to the mix and there is a whole new level to your music. 

I absolutely would recommend others to Ben. In fact there is a facebook group called Musicians of Clarksville that I plan on promoting him on."       -Alex Fiorella



Recorded at Two Cats