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Are you a singer, songwriter, or instrumental musician who wants to record a song or make an album, but can't afford big studio prices?  Do people often tell you, "You should really record that"? 

Two Cats Music is a recording studio where we record your songs and help you take them all the way to a finished product.  We specialize in working with singer/songwriters, but welcome all music styles.  I'm Ben Travis, the lead audio engineer at Two Cats.  I am also a singer/songwriter, and I play piano as well as B3 organ, electric piano, guitar, bass, and drums. If you decide to make a whole album or EP, we can take you all the way to a "finished product", which includes photography, setting up graphic art, creating a physical cd, creating mp3 files, as well as getting your music digitally distributed to places like iTunes, Spotify, and about 95 others.  Maybe you've been putting it off for a while.  Maybe it's time.

Here are the main things you need to know:

-We guarantee your satisfaction, and will continue to work until you are happy with your songs.

-We can charge an hourly fee, so the more prepared you are, the less your project will cost.

-We can mix already-tracked projects or take projects where one or two tracks have been recorded, then add instrumentation and provide a mixed and mastered product.  This can be done entirely online if needed.  For example, you might send us a vocal track and a guitar track that you recorded elsewhere, and we would do the rest based on input from you along the way

-You will end up with a radio-ready mp3 and wave (higher quality) file of your song(s).

-Any work done since you've been in the studio must be paid in full before or on the day of your next recording session, or within 2 weeks of your receiving an invoice from Two Cats Music.

-We keep everything you do backed up online in an encrypted format, so even if the computer with all your recorded tracks crashed, we would be able to recover it all, and we could just pick up where we left off.

-Any musicians called in will set their own prices with you, and this will be in addition to any payment to Two Cats Music.  There are charges involved in getting your album packaged and digitally distributed, so if you choose to go that direction, you will pay those costs directly to the companies involved.  We will walk you through this process as needed.

-We will keep a detailed record down to the minute of any work we do for you.  After we do significant work on a song or songs and are ready for you to hear them, we will send you an invoice showing exactly what has been done up to that point. You can pay through Paypal, check, or whatever suits you.  Once you pay it, we will put the updated songs in a Goodle Drive folder for you to hear, download, and give feedback on.  Since mixing music involves quite a bit of personal preference, this back-and-forth process ensures that you will end up with the sound you want.

A few tips before you come to the studio:

-On the day you are recording vocals, you may want to wear soft clothing that doesn't easily make noise, as the microphone can pick up even faint noises.  Water bottles that stay sealed except when you are drinking from them are allowed, but no other beverages can be present in the studio.

-If more people than just yourself will be coming to the studio, we need to know in advance.  Typically, no children will be allowed during a studio session, and usually only musicians who will be playing on your tracks will need to be there.  


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